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Mark knew where he needed to be when other kids were running the streets. He was trying to figure out how to get into the clubs. In 1979, he got his first set of turntables. Mark taught himself the meaning of struggle as he began the process of spinning at small parties, trying to build himself up. In the mid-80’s, Mark was determined not to stop. Due to the work required in promotions, he was a busy man. He seemed to be everywhere at once, yet extremely hard to find. Mark Flash was a not a name he chose, but one that was given to him by fans, and it stuck. Beyond that, the music was something that had been a part of his life as far back as he could remember.

With underground parties and raves, the word began to spread that Mark Flash was a name to be loved if you were a party or club goer and respected if you were a DJ. Thanks to a tip from a longtime friend, DJ Rolando of the techno terrorists, Underground Resistance, Flash began flexing his musicianship as a behind the scenes producer for the house music label, Soul City, Merging House, Techno, Latin/Brazilian Soul and Funk. Mark Flash is one of the few DJ/Producers who can legitimately play an instrument and read music; he is not looking to bore you with pseudo-intellectualism. He wants to make you move. He defines his production style as “electropic funk”. Mark Flash has since joined forces with LOS HERMANOS : Gerald Mitchell and Ray 7TIMELINE : De’Sean Jones, Jon Dixon, Mark Flash, Mike BanksDEPTH CHARGE : Mark Flash and Mike Banks strictly Detroit style and his own band known as D3 [DESCENDANTS OF THE RESISTANCE] : Jon Dixon - keyboardist extraordinaire & De’Sean Jones - saxophone genius. More recently he started THE MARK FLASH EXPERIENCE revealing his production skills on keyboards, drum machines and live percussion all incorporation with video and DJ set. 

Traveling internationally, he has shown the world that there’s more to him than just the typical DJ. With skills in keyboards and percussion, Mark Flash puts on a unique show utilizing his talents to form a musical hybrid. As a member of Underground Resistance [UR-078], Flash has taken on multiple projects such as upcoming remixes, new releases, DJ mixes, collaborations, performing at local/international events and charity benefits, Mark Flash launched his new label DTFA with HORS D'OEUVRES EP as digital series of snack tracks we like to call "Dj food". Something quick and delicious for the crowd to devour - "Not designed to feed the mind.... The goal is to feed the soul".

Mark Flash is still participating as a mentor for Red Bull Music AcademySPIN INC University and DJ School Chile, helping new and upcoming DJs, musicians reach their musical goals while also teaching them about the rich musical history of Detroit and how it helped shape the music industry from past to present.

Paying more “dues” than most, Mark Flash is not to be played with. After all he’s been through, he’s not about to back down from the musical game.

"WHO's playing is not as important as WHAT's playing" - Mark Flash
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